The Algarve Candle Company’s Soy Wax Candles all come with our Natural Wooden Wicks. Each wooden wick is unique, ensuring our hand poured candles really are one of a kind. The Wicks we use are made from natural, untreated wood, and they can vary slightly in their thickness and grain. We have put together some helpful advice together on our Wooden Wicks and how to care for them.


Why do we use a wooden wick?

We find that wooden wicks provide a more unique burning experience, we like to think that every candle we make is unique from one another. The wooden wicks also help create a perfect melt pool to ensure minimal wastage around the edge of the vessel compared to a traditional cotton wick, by creating a horizontal flame, more heat is introduced quicker to the candle. We have also created a special blend of products, using only Natural Fragrance Oils which produce a high scent throw when combined with our wooden wick in less time that a cotton wick.

Taking care of your algarve candle.

Firstly you should always ensure you use the correct safety measures when using our products, especially ensuring the candle is kept far away from any flammable objects, animals and young children. Candles are in the top 5 causes of House fires every single year – and with proper care and attention can mostly be avoided – always keep your matches and lighters stored safely away from any flames, and never leave a candle burning in a room that is to be unattended for a period of time.

In every Algarve Candle Company order you will receive a Candle Care Card. This outlines basic safety advice when using our candle and also how to maintain your candle – ensuring you get the most out of our products.

One of the most important things that you can do is trimming your wick down before each and every burn – this can not only prevent a fire, but reduces smoking from the candle, the vessel overheating and also helps the melting pool heat up quickly and the scent throw.

The First Use..

The first burn on your candle is the most important! A candle never forgets – each candle has a memory ring so a good first burn is what we want it to remember. A memory ring of a candle is the indention made by the wax on its initial lighting and marks the edge of all future burns will reach. So if you have a full melt pool for all future burns, making sure your first burn has a full melt pool is a necessity. If you only burn your candle for a short period of time, the wax would only melt a small amount (not to the edge of the jar/glass). So future burns will copy this burn, leading to your candle tunnelling, ruining the rest of your candle by shorting your burn time and reducing the scent throw possible.

For the first burn, the longer the better – we would recommend burning for roughly 2-3 hours however as each of our candles are hand poured it may vary. However it is crucial on the first burn that the wax when melted pools evenly to the edge of your jar or glass – once it has reached all of the edges and a pool has started to form you have created the perfect base for future burns and you can now extinguish the candle – when every you’re finished with our fantastic fragrances. Your candle should not burn perfectly every time.


Trim your wick

Before each burn try to trim around 3mm from your wick. This will help ensure the wax melts evenly, reduces the risk of a fire/accident, the jar overheating (candles can potentially explode if not trimmed at all) and also improves the scent throw.

Remove Debris/Soot

Before each use, try to remove any debris or ‘excess soot’ off the tip of the wooden wick. Carbon produced from the wicks previous burn can cause this to form and if not removed it can cause the wick to burn too hot – risking a fire. Soot particles may also sometimes fall into the wax pool. Be sure to check this before each and every burn, removing any debris

Signs that your Wooden Wick needs a Trim
  • The wick is curling when burning. 
  • The wick is forming debris/soot
  • The wick is smoking when alight
  • The flame is growing too high and flickering
Metal Safety Cut Off & When Your Candle reaches the End

Every Algarve Company Candle has a metal safety cut off at the end of each wooden wick. By leaving wax at the bottom of the jar, it is designed to prevent the jars from overheating for your own safety.

Use a Level Heat Proof Surface

Keep your candle on an Even, Level and heat resistant surface. Burning a candle on anything uneven can cause the candle to fall.

Keep away from Flammable Objects

Always keep your candle away from flammable objects and away from pets and children.

Never leave an Unattended Flame

Never leave a candle burning unattended, always keep it within eyesight.

Do not Move When Burning

Please never move a burning candle. The jar/glass can be hot to the touch, causing burns or spillages and potential fires.

Max 4 Hour Burn Times

As lovely as our Scents are, please do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time – this can cause the jar or glass to overheat.

Using at Night

NEVER use your candle as a night light, if you are feeling drowsy or leave it burning when you are asleep. This is extremely important as it is very dangerous.

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