Our sustainability program

Algarve Candle Company prides itself in being ethically and enviromentally responsible. We make sure all of our products and ingredients come from sustainable sources, are cruelty free and vegan.

In and aditional effort to lessen our environmental impact, we’ve developed a sustainability program to incentivese our clients to reuse or recycle our containers.

Here’s how it works

buy a candle

Buy our ethicaly sourced hand poured candles

save the container

Once our candle has finished burning, save the container. Return it to us if you can, or find a creative way to give it a second life and tag us on social media. For each container you save you’ll get an Eco-point

earn a candle

Once you’ve earned 6 eco-points by returning 6 containers or sharing 6 creative uses* you can redeem them for a free candle of your choice**

*you have to show proof of purchase of 6 candles
** Shipping cost not included

Select a Pickup Point